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Product Name:JazzAmp312
Product Code:JazzAmp 312
Price:THB฿ 52,000.00
Product description:

The JazzAmpTM312 provides clear, rich jazz tone with a deep, resonant presence whether you are playing guitar or bass, either electric or upright. With a cabinet originally tuned for upright bass, the JazzAmp 312 also quickly became a favorite choice for guitar players with greater volume demands and a wider frequency needs, such as 7-string players and players doing a lot of solo or duet work that involves playing a lot of walking bass lines.

Size: 14″ x 15 ” x 13″, 37 lbs.
Controls: Volume, 5-band graphic equalizer, reverb with on/off switch and wet/dry mix control.
Power: Maximum power on the JazzAmpTM 312 is 160 watts at 4 ohms (this requires an extension cabinet). As shipped with a single 8 ohm speaker it delivers 120 watts.
Speaker: Eminence® Beta-A 12.
Construction: 11-ply Finland Birch, steel chassis, Tolex covering with metal corners.
Warranty: Full 2 year warranty (see details on warranty page).
Line Out: Yes
Extension Speaker Jack: Yes (must be an 8 ohm speaker cabinet)
230v/115v Selector Switch: Yes

JazzAmp 312 -JazzAmp312
Price: THB฿ 52,000.00
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